Earlier this year one of our computers got corrupted and since we own our own business every second of not having that computer running counts.

Luckily I remembered that Jim had sent me an email months prior to this incident. Within 2 hours the computer was once again up and running . Jim was a life saver!!!!

He was quick and his price was very reasonable, I would recommend Jim to anybody dealing with a computer problem , he even helped me with an image for my business signature.


Ottawa, Ontario

We brought in Jim to help us improve our computer security systems to ensure we were adequately protected against any threats. Jim also greatly improved our data backup and recovery systems. Having the ability for Jim to remotely access our systems makes for quick and easy resolution of issues. Jim is now an extension of the ValaHome team.

Richard Larocque
Home Improvement Specialist
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear friends & family

I personally vouch for Jim's credentials. Jim is my neighbor and has helped me out many times with my home network and ahem, vista issues.

If you need help with your PC, the chances are, Jim can fix it, even across the miles, thanks to Crossloop software which is free to download. If Jim can’t talk you through it, then using Cross loop, you provide him access to your computer and he takes control to fix the problem. You will see everything he is doing on your machine and you can terminate the connection at any time. This is better than leaving your machine with a workshop (Future shop?) and not seeing what they are doing to it, and charging you more just to diagnose.

Please spread the word to friends and family.

Steven Bradley



Thank you for all of your great work!! You are my favourite Tech!!!

You always take the time for whatever we need see us through to the end! We are lucky to have you on our team!!!!                

Best Regards,

Valerie Gleason

United States of America

What can I say about Jim except HE IS FANTASTIC! I don’t normally give that amount of high praise but Jim has really helped me over the past few days. I had a rotten virus that nothing I nor Jim did would get rid of but…………Jim persisted. It nasty but eventually Jim found the problem and also found the cure. I cannot thank Jim enough nor recommend him more highly to anyone who needs PC help. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me at roy.leggett@zen.co.uk. However my advice is for you to contact Jim and let him help you with your problem. Thanks Jim when you visit the UK the beer is on me!

Roy Leggett

United Kingdom

Recently we had problems with our computer-didn't know what to do so we called Jim as we live in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, B.C. We have had other situations solved by him and again this proved to be no problem for him. He is very persistent and KNOWS where to go to find the solution and handles it, Quickly. Thanks, Jim.

Janet and Blayne

British Columbia

Thank you so much Jim for all your help and patience in dealing with all my computers problems whether serious or not. I am very impressed with your speed and accuracy in detecting and solving my many problems, cleaning viruses and also recommending possible enhancements to my pc or laptops. Being just a phone call or email away is very important to me.

Thank you so much.

Rockland, Ontario

I contacted Jim Cummings after experiencing a major computer meltdown. I knew that I needed highly experienced help since Windows would not boot at all - - not even in Safe Mode.

Checking out Jim's web site, I was impressed by his wide ranging experience in troubleshooting computer problems and in his very reasonable pricing policy. He charges for time fixing the problem and not for such things as virus scans or long software installs where the computer is doing the work.

In most instances, Jim can solve a problem using a secure remote access program. In my case, since my computer was completely dead for all intents and purposes, I brought the dead beast to him. To my amazement, he not only diagnosed the cause as being electrical in nature, but revived the computer and saved my important data. With the resurrected beast back home, he was able to help me in my set-up through remote access. All this for a very reasonable price.

I now recommend Jim to all my friends. It's comforting to have a truly knowledgeable technician that you can count on. Thank you Jim.

Jean Charbonneau


It's very comforting to me just knowing that I can always depend on you with all my computer/ipad problems as soon as they come up.

Thank you.


Delray, Florida

Thank you so much for helping. We really need people like you that we can trust.                                                                                      


Ottawa, Ontario

Thanks, Jim, for your great work in getting my new printer/scanner working. That was great that you could do it remotely, and even teach me how to operate it, over the phone. Thanks for your patience with me as I made notes of the steps. I’ve used the scanner and printer a few times already, and it works great! I’ll call you the next time I need help, for sure!

All the best,


Cumberland, Ontario.

Jim has the patience of a saint! He is knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to research your problem. He is reliable and trustworthy. I have already recommended Jim to my friends and they are impressed with his service too! Great resource person to keep in your contacts list.


Rockland, Ontario.

One again, thanks a million for helping me out with my problems. … It expresses how happy I was with your service, including its timeliness.

Greatly appreciated

John D

Ottawa, Ontario

I was having problems with loading Windows 10, and a few other issues with my laptop. It was recommended I try Jim as a local repair guy. He did such a good job that I had him fix up another laptop and my PC. All done efficiently, timely, and not expensive. He also did some research on the best value for extra parts. Jim is now my go-to guy for all things IT.


Conrad L

Ottawa, Ontario

You are polite and always there for me; I appreciate the fact that you return my calls or answer my emails.

Carol Louisseize (Avon Products) recommended you to me and I’m satisfied because you always gave me good service. I can say that you are a professional in your business Thanks for everything.


Ottawa, Ontario

I contacted Jim for an unknown problem with my laptop and he was quick to diagnose the problem. Jim provided options and was helpful in guiding me to the most effective solution. Along the way Jim kept me informed throughout the process and gave excellent service. Jim got me back up and running quickly, and saved all my old files in the process.

I highly recommend his service and will definitely call him again should I need his help.

Cumberland, Ontario

I reached out to Jim’s Computer Support with interest to have my computer updated and reviewed for many reasons. After speaking with Jim on the phone, I knew I would be comfortable to have Jim’s Computer Support work on my computer. Jim was easy to work with and patient with my countless questions, he went over and above what was expected.

Thank you Jim.


Laura Hands Design

Ottawa, Ontario

On three separate occasions I have used Jim for computer support – all separate issues. Two of them Jim was able to resolve remotely, by accessing my computer while I was on it, and leading me through the solutions in a fashion that allowed me to resolve the issues myself when they arose again – Jim is a good teacher.

The third time my laptop, which was 8 years old, had slowed to a crawl. Nothing was happening on the timely basis one expects ( needs! ). I was going to be away for a week, so I dropped my laptop off with Jim, and said I will pick it up in a week.

When I picked up my machine a week later, it was completely back to normal – Jim had solved all of the problems ( whatever they were!).

Jim provides a timely, very effective service, at reasonable prices.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing computer support.

Steve Gallagher

Ottawa, Ontario